About us

Company „Elektra" Ltd was established in 2001 and is represented and managed private by Ilko Dimitrov Todorov as a manager.

Object of activities: Complex construction building of sites of power infrastructure, electricity distribution, power substation, electric wiring, cable and air wiring, electric street lighting, electrical installation of homes and industrial buildings, high constructions, adjoining infrastructure, electronic and communication lines, transport and public utilities infrastructure, hydrotechnical equipment.

The company has its own basis which is situated in Burgas and has its own vehicles, machinery and equipment.

For successful execution of commitments in "Elektra" Ltd are working trained electrician technicians, accountants, drivers, workers. For new created buildings we offer complex service to our clients in electricity distribution and we organize building and execution on the objects, delivery on cable products, installations for medium and low voltage, lighting equipment, cable accessories, electrical panels, distribution devices.

Materials which are used in process of working are with all useful certificates of quality.